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Silicone Protective Case for Console Wireless Controllers

 Dear friend, 
Series of Silicone Protective Skin for Console Wireless Controllers are in stock. Here several items are recommeded to you, including
 DIY Silicone Protective Skin and more different colors to choose.

Four options to choose:

1. deep colors or light colors

2. color assortment / mix colors

3. more colors (show as photos)

4. fluorescence colors

Note: only the colors with link are in stock now.


Pure color:

1.Purple      2.Red      3.Light Blue     4.Black 

5.Yellow      6.Green     7.White          8.Pink       9.Deep Blue

XBOX ONE Wireless Controllers

Model diagram:

XBOX ONE Wireless Controllers 

 XBOX ONE Wireless Controllers XBOX ONE Wireless Controllers




1.White/Green       2.Red/Black       3.Green/Black      4.Grey/White

5.Blue/White           6.Black/Green/White          7.Green/Blue

8.Green/Grey        9.White/Black             10.Light Blue/Light Green

psb (5)

Model diagram:


XBoxXBOX 360 Series

Pure color:

1.Light Blue        2.Yellow        3.Orange       4.Deep Purple

5.White       6.Light Purple     7.Green      8.Deep Blue     9.Baby Blue

10.Black     11.Powder Blue    12.Red      13.Pink     14.Grey

xbox 360

Model diagram:


Fix colors:

1.Light Yellow/Light Orange             2.White/Pink

3.Light Blue/White             4.Yellow/Green

(two colors assortment)

XBOX 360 双色

Model diagram:



1.Black/Green/White            2.Green/White            3.Green/Grey

4.Green/Blue           5.Green/Red            6.Blue/White       7.Grey/White

8.Green/Black          9.Pink/Red            10.Black/Red       11.Blue/Black

xbox 360 micai

Model diagram:


 QQ图片20140731114958 PS4 Series

Pure color:

1.Grey           2.Light Green         3.Light Blue       4.Red          5.Green

6.Red           7.Pink           8.White         9.Purple       10.Black       11.Yellow


Model diagram:



1.White/Green           2.Red/Black             3.Green/Black            4.Grey/White

5.Blue/White           6.Black/Green/White            7.Green/Blue

8.Green/Grey           9.White/Black              10.Light Blue/Light Green


QQ图片20140729172420  PS3 Series

Fluorescence color:

1.Pink                2.Blue                3.Light Green

(Left is Xbox 360, Right is PS3.)

xbox360 PS3夜光


1.Blue/Black           2.Grey/White             3.Green/White         4.Red/Black

5.Green/Black          6.Blue/Light Green            7.Green/Blue

8.Blue/White            9.Black/Green                  10.Green/Grey


Model diagram:


Note: Please tell us the exact color when you choose, if you want to design by yourself, please tell us which two colors assortment you want, deep or light colors, thank you.

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