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Instruction for PS4 MTX KEY


*Compatible with Models PS4 10, 11 & PS4 Slim 12

*6x Wire Installation for an Easy Install!

*Compatible with PS4 Firmware 4.72

*Allows you to move your downloaded Games to your Hard drive


First apply a PlayStation Network (PSN) account.(please bear in mind about your personal information that have been used during the application, cause these information have to be provided when you need to revive your account.

You can download games to the portable Hard Disk drives, using the Hard disk cloning machine to copy to other hard disk drives. And then dismantle your friend’s console, welding the hacking chip(PS4 MTX KEY ModChip) list below.

The detailed operation is as follows:

  1. Upgraded your PS4 system to the latest version (currently is 4.71 version) and then shut down the console.
  2. Connect the 6 Jump wires on the IC motherboard as shown in the picture.
  3. After the wire is all checked, turn on your console and connect the Internet via LAN, log in the system with your account, please disconnect the Wi-Fi. Test if the Internet works.
  4. Enter the “set -PlayStation Network/ account management” page
    Choose “log in”, type your PSN account and password, enter the “Authenticated as Common PS4” page, and bind the account in the PS4 as a common account after the certification.
  5. Enter the” Settings – PlayStation Network / Account Management – Authenticated as a common PS4” page, choose “deactivate”, and do not confirm when the dialog box pops up.
  6. Unplug the Internet cable, do not connect the Internet now. The upper left corner of the screen will show the network is disconnected, and then press the PS4 MTX KEY Chip’s button A. The light (PH1) will flash, when it stopped flashing, please use controller to select “Yes”. (Due to the disconnection of the Internet, the screen may show DNS error and so on, ignore it. )select “power – Log out of PS4”.
  7. Re-login again.
  8. Enter the “set-PlayStation Network / account management – authentication for the commonly used PS4” page, select “deactivate”, do not confirm when the dialog box pops up.
  9. Press the IC button B, PH2 light will always light, after the LAN is connected, PH2 lights will turn off, PH3 blue light will turn on immediately, use the controller to select “Yes” , and then the screen will show the release is successful. Then unplug the cable as soon as possible.
  10. go to “Settings – PlayStation Network / Account Management” page, select “log out”.

After the above steps are completed, connected to the mobile hard disk, you should be able to play the game directly. So that you and your friends can share each other’s games freely.Rumor said that the PS4 can’t get access of the Internet after hacking, the truth is the PS4 MTX KEY chips is been remove.

Internet access method:

After the above steps finished, select the new user here.

And then log in your own PSN account, similarly, you can use this way to share games with your friends. For example, Account A have Game A, account B have Game B, (you can even have account C and D, you only need to log in your own account but you can share the account A,B.C and D’s games.) The advantages about using this way to share games with your friend is it won’t affects the Internet and if the game gets locked, it will only take less a minute to unlocked it, easy operate, but the only premise is each machine needs to have a PS4 MTX KEY chip.


Nowadays the market has a lot claimed “hacked “PS4 with a not cracked IC in it. This makes the clients can’t download the games they liked, can’t get Internet connection. The perfect way to solve this problem is each console MUST paired with its own PS4 MTX KEY chip, (NO PS4 MTX KEY chip, NO work). You can download game freely and share accounts to unlock games with your friends, but at the same time the account owner can get back his/her account by using the account security system (please keep in mind about your personal information and your password, it will be using when you need to revive your account), therefore, let’s be each other’s good friend and share games for a better game experience.

This instruction is NOT for commercial use, only for sharing.

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