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The world’s first color LCD screen handheld game console: Atari Lynx

Talking about the best spokesman for the handheld game console, it is believed that the first instinct reaction of many friends is the Gameboy host that Nintendo introduced in April 1989. It’s no wonder that Gameboy sold over 100 million in the world, and almost everyone around the world has seen and played it, but you know? In fact, in the same year, there was a handheld game console on sale, which was the first opponent of Gameboy. Its name is Lynx, and the company that launched it is not a little-known small character, the Atari that originally caused the game world to rock. The official selling price at the time was $179.99.

This is the look of the Lynx II, the main theme of the article is the Lynx generation console, which is slightly different in shape, and the Lynx II is lightweight and power-saving.


The hardware performance of world’s first color LCD palmtop handheld game console far better than Gameboy

Although Atari initially created “Atari Shock” that has rocked the North American gaming market, Nintendo was able to take this opportunity to become the new dominance of the game industry. However, Atari did not disappear or collapse completely at that time, just turned its focus to other local development. Strictly speaking, the Lynx console was developed by Epyx, name for “Handy” at the beginning, but gave up halfway due to over-development costs and resold to Atari, Atari took over and renamed Lynx Let it appear in the game market.

Contrary to the upright modeling of the Gameboy console, the Lynx console uses a horizontal hand-held mechanism, which is similar to the current Nintendo’s latest console Switch. There are two cross-shaped control keys and four launch buttons on the left and right respectively. Of course, Lynx Of the screen can’t be as large as the Switch’s screen, and its LCD screen is only 3.4 inches. Unexpectedly, Lynx is a LCD screen with color number 4096 color most color handheld console, the world’s first at that time. And also with the same 8-bit processor, the hardware is far better than Gameboy at the time, which is called ” Pretty impressive”.

Comparison of Lynx II and Nintendo Switch, the width of both the same, but there’s a big difference between the size of the buttons and the screen.


Adopt the color liquid crystal to cause the high price and the high power consumption, game support will not match Gameboy

However, even if the hardware is superior, the software will have to match it, which is the iron in the game market. Lynx main disadvantage of this console, mainly because of the use of color LCD screen, the high cost of the price must have been high, when the Gameboy price of about 12,500 yen, at the time of the dollar price was 90 yuan, Lynx can Said full expensive double the consumer threshold is too high for the player to stop.

In 1991, Atari introduced a lighter, less power-hungry Lynx II console that supports stereo headphone output, but unfortunately did not extend the life of the host. Lynx finally left behind the global sales of about 2 million units results, then they sadly exit.

In addition, due to the relationship with color LCD screen, power consumption is higher also, Lynx once need 6 AA batteries, coupled with the host itself size too big, plus the weight of the battery, the play of the burden is higher. Because of such a congenital weakness, the game developers are not considered to launch the game on the platform, compared with a lot of game support for Gameboy, to sell well the natural difficulties.

In 1991, Atari launched a lightweight, power-saving Lynx II console that supports stereo headphone output, but it didn’t last long. Lynx finally ended up with 2 million sales worldwide.

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