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Compatible with PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch console three platform of game controller: Brook Mars war god

I wonder how many games consoles are in your house? If you’re like me who cares only about the game and doesn’t care about the console, may be like me, when want to play a game and buy a console (so I can’t save money when I’m old). It may often conside a question in my mind: can these gaming platforms share with one controller? As if the home has many appliances, but all need a remote control to be able to solve that, do not have to change to change, it must be very convenient!

Coincidentally, I recently aimed at a controller, even so just to meet this requirement, its name is “Brook Mars, the god of war”. It is able to support the PS3, PS4, PC, and even the latest Nintendo Switch platform with a wire!


“Brook Mars,” which looks a bit like an Xbox One Elite player with the Dual Shock of the PS4.


The button on the hand is not a common “XYAB”, but it is a unique design of Brook. However, actually, this part when we plan for a long time, it should be used to it.


It has a Micro USB transmission line (about 2.5m), a 3.5mm extension cord, two extra buttons and a Logo sticker.


The module of the dial cross button is removable to allow the player to replace the other modules mentioned above.


No one is better than a good one to three, but the fly in the ointment is non-wireless

Although say Brook Mars is not a wireless controller, for those who seriously fettered by wire is shortcomings (some players just like the feeling of that not line, is free to transform play position), but its versatility and feeling, and can correspond to a variety of host convenience, etc., I think Brook Mars a very good game peripheral device.

Boss said, adding one more comment, editor will get 10 cent salary this month. ‘(*^﹏^*)′

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