What payments that Aliexpress support to your country? 


We adopt the third party-guaranteed payment method, which will make credit card payments more secure and guarantee. You can complete the payment independently in the following three steps, or contact your assistant to assist you.




01 Find the Entrance to the Payment


Log in to your account, find the pending order in Recent Orders list and click the below “Pay Order”

02 Generate and Pay the Order


Select the credit card payment method and click the icon “Aliexpress” on the right to check the payment proposal. Generate and pay for the order in our AliExpress store via the product links.


1. The Aliexpress platform will charge a commission of 5% of the total amount of the payment, so the actual payment amount will be slightly larger than the order.

2. Please keep the shipping method as free shipping, which is to ensure that the AliExpress order you submit is the same as the amount payable.

03 Remark and Submit the Order Number


Submit the Aliexpress’s order number to Westingames after paying, and click “Pay Now” to complete the payment. Don’t forget to remark the Westingames’s order number when generating order in our Aliexpress store. We will ship the correct goods according to the order in Westingames.


1. Please make sure the address of the receiver is as same as the one in Wetingames, a different address might cause the delivery delay.


2. Please keep in mind that there may be a verifying email to your Aliexpress account email when you use a credit card to pay in Aliexpress first time. Please check it and provide the needed information for the verifying. Otherwise, the Aliexpress order may be canceled automatically.


If you still have doubts about the payment process, please contact your assistant to assist you, thank you!