Customs Terms

Authorized by Westingames


1. How to solve the problem that goods are detained by customs?
  • If  retained in China, we will take the responsible to resend it and make sure of clearance;
  • If the goods are detained except China, our customers should handle the customs clearance issues themselves, who knows better of your local customs term. Meanwhile we will cooperate with our customers to provide some documents(only the Commercial invoice and Packing list, other information unavailable). More details
2. How to solve the failure of customs clearance?
  • For the Failure of EMS clearance, the goods will be forced returing to China. Then we will offer 20% shipping costs for redelivery(noted: The final compaensation will not exceed 15% of goods cost).
  • As for failure of DHL, UPS, Air and Sea shipping clearence and so on, we do not accept the return of the parcel(The cutoms will charge a lot of exporting fee), but we will offer 30% goods cost as compensation. 
  • It is recommend that customers contact local customs brokers to assist the clearance, who generally have more ability to solve the customs issue. Meanwhile,we will offer the documents to help you with the clearence.  
To better improve our service and reduce the customs clearance loss for customers, There are several methods for you to know if you package wull have the issue on parcel seized by customs. More details.
1>. How to treat products with trademark or brand logo?
  • With thousands of products showed on our website, part of them is printed or produced with brand logo like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Monster Beats and so on, which are from original factory, pulled parts or the third party. 
  • For Brand importing, Westingames offer no relevant Authorization documents, like CO, but do not worry, Westingames can deal with the customs issue here in China, so you just need to think over if you can handle your customs in your side.
2>. How to make smooth customs clearance for brand-logo products?
There are three ways according to our previous experience and useful feedback from some of our customers, which effectively reduced the risk being detained by customs.  
  • Remove or replace the brand–logo name and other susceptible words in our commercial invoice and packing list in advance.
  • Make two payments like most of our customers. One part is equal to customs invoice value, the rest to make up of your order value. 
  • Separate the package when the volume or weight is up to 40kg to aviod inspection of customs. 
In most cases, this suggestion will be workable for our customers except some countrieswith strict customs policy. Some only need to provide customs invoice with payment provement,  others may have to seek help from local customs broker to assist the clearance. However, customers should learn and be familiar with the local customs policy in advance and adopt our customs clearance methods. 
To better improve our service and reduce the customs clearance loss for customers, Westingames specially issued a new insurance policy on parcel seized by customs. More details.