HSBC Bank Transfer


1.Keep the following Payment Informatoin.

BANK NAME: HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited, Shenzhen Branch
BANK Address: China resources Building, No.5001, ShenNan Road East, LouHu District, Shenzhen, China
Company Name: Westing Technology Co Ltd (Beneficiary)
A/C NO: 002-541456-055
Company Address:(BEneficiary address)
B408, Building B
Fortune Harbour Center
Long Hua District
Shenzhen China


2.Go to any branch of the designated bank and transfer the money to the designated account above.

Note: For this payment method, we only accepts your local currency. Please make sure to leave the payment reference code when making the payment. Otherwise, your payment confirmation may fail or be delayed.

 Western Union/ Moneygram 

(Note: Each payment amount lower than or equal to 3000 USD, please split the payment when the amount over 3000 USD, if the amount up to 5000 USD, please make the payment via the bank.)


1. Keep the following Payment Information.

Beneficiary: ******
First Name: ******
Last Name: ******
Address: ******


Please contact our sales for the WU information.


Note: You will be responsible for all Western Union handling fees. Therefore,please confirm the total payment amount with the local Western Union before you transfer the money. Meanwhile, please also make sure to leave the Order#: in the remark section.


2. Make the payment

Go to a Western Union/ Moneygram and transfer the money to receiver name above. The money will arrive at the address in about 2-3 business days. Be sure to fill the Order# in the remark section of the remittance form when making the payment. Otherwise, your payment confirmation may fail or be delayed.


3. Submit the payment information to Westingames

Log into your Account, enter the Awaiting Payment and click Pay Order, you will see the payment table again. Submit the money transfer information to Westingames. We will then confirm your payment within 24 hours upon the receipt of the money.


Credit Card

Support different payment methods including Credit Card ( Partical countries supports Paypal), actually we adopt Aliexpress for credit card channel with the third Party Guarantee. 

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