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Pokemon Origins, local two-player mode opens strategy

With November 16, 2018, Pokemon Origins: let’s Go! Pikachu / Eevee’s release, many players have begun the exploration of this new work. I do not know each player is to buy a Pikachu version or Eevee version? Do you play alone or with others?



I believe many people have found it in the previous notice. This game includes a local two-player screen mode, but after entering the game, it has not found how to open the local two-player mode in the settings. In fact, it is a very simple matter.



Play the Pokemon Origins: let’s Go! only need a joy-con, and this we use the main joy-con, and we only need to slap another joy-con (sub-joy-con) during the game, you can see another The villain descends from the sky. Then you can control him with the sub-joy-con. The opening of the local two-player mode is as simple as that. Similarly,  if you want to change to a single player mode, just wave the joy-con again.



These two characters still have a distinction between the main and the deputy. The perspective always keeps the characters controlled by the main joy-con at the center, and the characters of the vice joy-con may go outside the screen. Don’t worry about it at this time, just shake it and let the character appear again. Similarly, the blame can only be triggered by the main character, and the other person can’t trigger the capture even if they hit the wild treasure, and the two people use the same set of treasures.



If two people are of the same mind, their sharpness can cut through metal. The biggest advantage of the local two-player mode of the Pokemon Origins is that it is time to capture the wild Pokemon. Two people can throw the Poke ball together to capture the Pokemon, which greatly improves the capture probability and The empirical value obtained.

When fighting, you can also rely on two dozens to achieve great advantages.



Moreover, if your movements are synchronized enough to allow both Poke balls to be thrown at the same time, there will be special effects, and there will be unique rewards, which are very good value. For a single dog, triggering this synchronization is a very easy task, as long as the two hands are able to swing together. If you play with two people, it may not be so easy, so it is better to play alone. Hahahaha…


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