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PowerA Releases Six New Wired Nintendo Switch Controllers, Available Now


Nintendo Switch owners now have a new way to control their favorite games. Accessory company PowerA now offers six specially designed Switch controllers featuring some of Nintendo’s most iconic characters. Each wired controller comes with a unique design and 8-foot removable USB cable and is officially licensed by Nintendo. These designs are exclusive to Walmart for a limited time, so you’ll want to pick them up soon.


Pick your icon

Players have six designs to choose from inspired by a wide variety of Nintendo franchises. Whether you prefer Super MarioThe Legend of ZeldaSplatoon or Donkey Kong, there’s a character controller for you. While each gamepad comes with different artwork and color scheme, they all sport the same soft-touch feel and detachable USB cable. No matter which one you pick, you’re getting an excellent value.

PowerA Nintendo Switch character controllers - Mario, King Koopa and Yoshi

Super Mario

Fans of the Mushroom Kingdom get a lot of love from this collection, with three designs on offer. First, there’s the main plumber himself, Mario. Next, there’s everyone’s favorite dinosaur sidekick, Yoshi. Finally, there’s Bowser, the baddie that just won’t quit.

Mario and Yoshi’s controllers have the same backgrounds that feature well-known items from the Super Mario universe, like the fire flower and collectible coin. Mario’s red controller features buttons with a black design and red writing, a pop of blue on the D-pad and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom on the right handle. Yoshi’s green design has white and orange buttons, a metallic orange D-pad and the dinosaur on the right handle. Bowser’s black controller shows off red flames on the bottom half, black buttons with red writing, a metallic red D-pad and the king of cruel on the right handle.

PowerA Nintendo Switch character controllers - Legend of Zelda - Link

The Legend of Zelda

Fans of the Switch’s breakout launch title, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will love the Link-themed controller. The hero of Hyrule appears on the right handle, with a white swirl design covering the face of the controller. The buttons are a simple black with gold writing, while a metallic gold D-pad matches the golden symbol of Hyrule at the top of the face.

PowerA Nintendo Switch character controllers - Splatoon 2 purple and green splatter controller


Get your splat on with the Splatoon 2–themed controller. The black controller has splashes of purple and green ink blots that will make any Inkling proud. The green and white buttons match well with the metallic green D-pad, and of course, it wouldn’t be Splatoon without an Inkling in squid form, which you can see on the right handle.

PowerA Nintendo Switch character controllers - Yellow Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong

Mario’s former enemy turned ally, Donkey Kong, is also a featured controller from PowerA. The yellow and brown design has the kong’s favorite food, bananas, covering the face of the device, with the leader of the DK crew on the right handle. Red face buttons with yellow writing are a nod to DK’s tie, while the metallic red D-pad pulls in all the colors together.



Why go wired?

So why go for a wired controller instead of just using the Switch’s included Joy-Cons? Well, for starters, many gamers prefer this classic gamepad layout when playing titles that require real precision. In a shooter like Splatoon 2, having full-size analog sticks can make the difference between splitting your opponent and getting splatted. That’s especially true of older gamers, who might find their hands are too large to a game on the Joy-Cons for lengthy play sessions.

Of course, Nintendo does make its own controller with a similar layout, the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. While wireless is no doubt convenient, it does come with its own drawbacks. For one thing, any wireless controller will introduce a small amount of lag, meaning it will take a split-second longer for the game to register your inputs. Plus, no one likes to worry about the controller battery dying in the middle of a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe race.

Still, the single greatest advantage to using a wired controller like this new PowerA line is the price. You can get your hands on one of these new controllers for just $24.88. That’s nearly a third of the price of a wireless Pro Controller.


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