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Cobra ODE QSV New Version VER 5.10B Optical Drive Emulator For PS3 Slim 2K5 3K 4K and 4K2


Cobra ODE QSV New Version VER 5.10B Optical Drive Emulator For PS3 Slim 2K5 3K 4K and 4K2
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Product information:

Pls clik below link for the COBRA ODE 5.3A New Full version,and with good price!!!

30 - 7 - 2014
Cobra ODE News - Information
Cobra ODE team announce that we will be releasing an update in the next week or so for 4k users which allows all versions of Cobra ODE to function on 4.60 OFW  including all game updates. A swap disc is still required. This makes us the first team to confirm full support of 4.60 OFW with 4k consoles.
We are currently devloping methods to bypass 4.60 OFW on PATA phat, 2k and 2k5/3k systems. A news update will follow again shortly, stay tuned!
The update for 4k users to bypass 4.60 OFW will be bundled with several other improvements and a couple of added features in the 2.2 update.
In addition, we can now confirm that shipments of the 5.30A complete version of the Cobra ODE took place over the weekend and stocks should be available from your local resellers over the next couple days.

10 - 7 - 2014
Cobra ODE News - Update
We have now uploaded the 2.1 release for 5.1B QSV users who have the Microsemi M2S025 chipset. 
In the future release for M2S010 and M2S025 version of 5.1B will be simultaneous.

Cobra ODE Firmware v2.1      * M2S025 Only*

8 - 3 - 2014
We are pleased to announce the release of the 2.0 fw for 5.10B QSV pcb's. This brings the new version of the v5 QSV functionality on par with the v3 and v4 / v4 QSV pcb's. We have included a brief txt explaining the upgrade process for the v5 QSV board. The user manual will be updated shortly with this information. 
For users on 4.55 using the 4000 series PS3 and the 5.10B, please ensure that you also install the JTAG adapter pcb and applicable FFC cables to control the drive cover switch. The 4.55 bypass software and documentation in the downloads section is also relevent to your pcb version.
Cobra ODE (V5.10B) FW v2.0      * For PCB v5.10B only *

28 - 2 - 2014 
COBRA ODE 2.0 fw Release for V3 and V4/V4 QSV Cobra PCB's including OFW 4.55 Bypass
We are pleased to present for release the Cobra fw 2.0 which has many new features and also initial support for OFW 4.55. Whilst the support for OFW 4.55 is not as convenient as on previous OFW's, it provides a solution for those who accidentally updated or wish to use 4.55 directly on SEN. We suggest that users remain on 4.53 or lower if they wish to benefit from the full convenience of an ODE solution. That being said we are researching other possible methods for compatibility with the 4.55+ firmwares and will keep our users posted through the news on this site and various other forums.
Before using the Cobra ODE kindly refer to the 4.55 Bypass manual carefully. Please be sure to follow the prerequisite steps and ensure that you have updated the firmware on the ODE hardware properly first. Kindly note that 1 wire must be soldered to the drive door, which is detailed in the updated installation manual. The newly launched V5 QSV Cobra does not require a wire to be soldered for controlling the 4k series drive door, since it is bundled with a special adapter which takes care of this functionality via the included ribbon cables.
In addition to the 4.55 OFW support, we have included many new features which are sure to excite users and demonstrate the power of the Cobra ODE.
New features in 2.0 fw:
- On the fly generation of browser menu system (no pc app required)
- LED configuration
- Full 4k auto eject system added
- XMB enabled passthrough system added, use of hardware switch not required
- Configuration of eject delay added
- AES performamce increased by 100%
- Disc dumping via manager added
+ Many other tweaks and performance benefits added
We have also freshened up our user manauls to make installation and detailing of the full functionality of the Cobra ODE easier to understand.
As you can see the 2.0 fw release is a massive leap forward. You can be sure to expect more from Team Cobra in the months to come.
2.0fw for V5 QSV users will be released in the following week...
Read "User Manual v2.0" and follow Bootloader update procedure prior to use FPGA update from MCU v2.0

15 - 1 - 2014
This is the most advanced update yet and it packs a lot of new features for Cobra users including PS1, PS2 and BD Movie support.
The Cobra Team has been hard at work in the past couple of months to bring you the MCU 1.9 update. 
As initially promised, this update adds support for PS1 games, PS2 games (only on backward compatible consoles), DVD movies and BD movies support. Another interesting feature is the ability to hot swap your HDD. You can now remove and change your games HDD while the PS3 is on.
The update also has a lot of stability improvements, bugfixes and most freezing issues introduced in recent updates have now been fixed. 
We have also updated the genps3iso tool, now with IRD v9 support. Both genps3iso and genps3extra have now also been released as a native linux binary for linux users. The Cobra Manager and Cobra Browser have also been updated to add the support for PS1 and PS2 games, as well as DVD and BD movies. The third party library is also updated to allow other managers to take full advantage of these new features.

11 - 12 - 2013
Cobra ODE News - Support
We are pleased to announce the support of new 4.53 PS3 firmware. 

03 - 12 - 2013
Cobra ODE News - PCB revision
New PCB revisions pictured (4.20 and 4.30A) and new version of the Cobra ODE released "QSV".
We have today released a new version of the Cobra ODE QSV, which caters specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates, but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM consoles.

Cobra ODE QSV, which caters specifically for users of 2k5,3k and 4k/4k2 console owners. The QSV version of the Cobra ODE is fully compatible with all software updates, but does not support older PATA/SATA FAT consoles or 2k/2k1 series SLIM consoles. It is basically a Cobra ODE, just cheaper, but only compatible with newer consoles.

Cobra ODE QSV Features List
( 4.20 / 4.20A / 5.10B ):
- Supports newer PS3's including previously "unbreakable" 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
- Homebrew now possible on previously "unbreakable" 2k5,3k and 4k systems!
- Play games on SEN in pass-through or emulation modes**!
- On screen selection of games through Cobra ODE manager in XMB
- Emulation or pass-through modes
- PS1 game support
- DVD and BD movie support
- Advanced Smart Fusion AES encryption and decryption engine on board
- Fully updatable high speed FPGA's and high speed secure MCU on board
- Updatable via USB storage
- Expansion ports for future proofing
- Simple and easy to use
- High quality components used throughout
- Built at a high tech facility
- Easy installation on 25xx,3xxx and 4xxx series Slim and Super Slim series consoles with QSB (quick solder board)
- Advanced software onboard and frequent free updates
- PS3 BD game disc dumping on all PS3 consoles is supported and can be enabled through third party managers (dumping throughput will be improved in future updates)
- Eject PCB included to control drive door on 4k and simulate eject for 3k ( 5.10B QSV only )

The following consoles are supported:

NOTE:  Currently we are compatible with OFW up to "v4.53" as specified in earlier news. We strongly recommend that all users await approval from the Cobra Team before updating to a firmware above 4.53.

The Cobra ODE QSV pack includes:
1 x Cobra ODE Main board
1 x Clip on PCB
4 x plastic clips (type B)
1 x power cables (1 SLIM/SUPER SLIM SATA)
1 x Double sided adhesive Cobra ODE sticker (acts as an insulation shield)
1 x each of the following FFC cables:
Cable Types:
Type C FFC LVDS Cable, 24 Positions, Same side contact, 300mm
Type F FFC LVDS Cable, 24 Positions, Opposite side contact, 370mm

The difference of the Cobra ODE Regular version and the Cobra ODE QSV New Version:
Console Supported             FAT     SLIM 20XX      SLIM 21XX    SLIM 25XX     SLIM 3XXX      SLIM 4XXX  
Cobra ODE regular            YES           YES           YES          YES           YES           YES  
Cobra ODE QSV              NO            NO            NO          YES           YES           YES  
ODE Accessoires (Except ODE Main PCB)  Clip on PCB for       USB mass                storage QSB 2K5-4K Adapter PCB Connection cables Power cable        HDD USB         cable(1 Set) Double sided installation adhesive sticker Plastic clips type A and B
Cobra ODE regular          YES         YES             6             3         YES         YES         YES
Cobra ODE QSV          YES         YES             2             1          NO         YES         YES

1* Cobra ODE QSV New Version VER 5.10B Optical Drive Emulator For PS3 Slim 2K5 3K 4K and 4K2
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