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A Series of Analog Joystick for Controller
What is the easiest broken part in the controller? Of course, the answer is analog joystick.

Here, you can get all models analog joystick for the controller.


1. For Xbox One

Original Analog Sticks Controller 3D Thumbstick Replacement Parts for XBOX ONE Controller

2. For Xbox 360

Original Brand New XBOX 360 Analog Controller 3D Thumbstick

Also, you can get it with the caps.

Original XBOX 360 Controller 3D Thumbstick with Analog Cap

3. For Playstation 4

Original Analog Sticks Controller 3D Thumbstick Replacement Parts for PS4 Dualshock 4 Controller

4. For Playstation 3

Original New Analog Controller 3D Thumbstick With Vibration Replacement for PS3

Also, you can get it with the cap.

Original PS3 Playstation 3 Controller 3D Thumbstick Support Vibration with Analog Cap

5. For Playstation 2

There are two different models analog joystick for PS2 controller. One is with the plastic in the top part. Another is with the metal.

Plastic: Analog Controller 3D Thumbstick Replacement Parts for PS2

Metal: Analog Controller 3D Thumbstick Metal Parts for PS2 Controller

6. For WII U

Original Replacement 3D Analog Joystick Controller for WII U Gamepad

More items, you can check it in the website:

Any question, please contact with the assistant.

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