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Different models of laser lens for PS3/PS4
Now we have updated two models of PS4 Laser lens.

1. US Version
a. Original KES-860A Lase Lens Parts for Playstation 4 Check>>
b. Pulled KEM-860A  Lase Lens Parts for Playstation 4  Check>>

Q: what is the different between KEM-860A and KES-860A?
A: Check the photo of each products, you will see the difference. KEM-860A is with a deck, but KES-860A is not. Also, now, KES-860A is Original new, without scratch. KEM-860A is Pulled, with little Scratch but Original.

2. HK Version
a. Original KES-490A Lase Lens Parts for Playstation 4 Check>>
b. Original KEM-490A  Lase Lens Parts for Playstation 4 Check>>

Q: Where is EU Version?
A: Now, No exactly EU Version is availiable. Most of PS4 sold in Europe use the same model as US Version(KES-860A). Others of PS4 use the same as HK Version(KES-490A). You may open your own concole before you want to replace it.

PS3 is the last generation console, which has a lot of models.

1.  For PS3
a.  New KES-400A KES-400AAA Laser Lens for PS3 Check>>
b.  New KES-410ACA Laser Lens Dual Eyes for PS3 Check>>

2. For PS3 Slim
a. New KES-450EAA Blu-Ray Laser Lens for PS3 Slim Check>>
b. New KES-450AAA KES-450ACA Laser Lens Dual Eyes for Sony PS3 SLIM 250G Console Check>>
c. New KES-450DAA Optical Laser Lens for PS3 Playstation 3 320GB Check>>
d. New KES-460AAA Drive Laser Lens Module for PS3 SLIM 160GB/320GB Check>>
e. New KES-470A KES-470AAA Laser Lens for PS3 Slim Check>>
Q: Why your price is higher than others?
A: The products are all Original new. not pulled. not copy one. quality determines the price. Believe that you will get what you paid for.

3. For PS3 Super slim
Original KES-850A Laser Lens for PS3 Super Slim CECH-4000 12G/250G/500G Check>>

More details, please leave the message to our sales by email. contact us.

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