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How to use an Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter

As home video game consoles become more and more advanced, the ability to connect to the Internet has become a major selling point. Downloading new content forHow_to_use_an_Xbox_360_Wireless_Network_Adapter_westingames games you’ve already purchased, playing with friends from around the world and surfing the Web all from the same machine is just too tempting to pass up. The Xbox 360 connects to the Internet through your home network via a wireless network adapter that is sold separately. The network adapter connects and configures quickly, so you’ll be up and running in no time.


  • Turn on your Xbox 360. Your home network will not recognize your Xbox 360 as a wireless access point if it is not on with the network adapter connected. If your home network does not recognize it as a wireless access point, you will not be able to configure it.
  • Find the “System” tab on the Xbox dashboard and enter all of the relevant information pertaining to your wireless network. Everything is clearly labeled, so all you have to do is enter your work group name, your wireless network name, and any wireless security settings.
  • Go into the network settings on your home computer or your router if you do not already know the information required in Step 2. Find your work group name, wireless network name and wireless security details, including the security code if your network is protected by one.
  • Exit the “System” tab on the Xbox dashboard and restart your system. When the system reboots, it will be a working part of your home network. Be sure to test out the Web browser by downloading content and play a multiplayer match to ensure everything is operational and working properly.
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