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How to Mod New PS4 Controller(Thumb-stick, Buttons, D-pad)?

The new MOD set for PS4 Controller old version and new version had come to market now. And it can be found on westingames.

The new MOD set is with below items.

  1. Two kinds of D-pads
  2. Three kinds of Thumb-sticks(6pcs)
  3. Four kinds of Buttons(16pcs)
  4. Two kinds of screwdrivers


This video shows how to mod new PS4 Controllers.


  1.  Do not forcefully loosen the screws.
  2. When splitting the plastic covers of the controller apart, taking note that they will still be attached by circuit board ribbons.
  3. Hasty removal of the battery plug could warp the plastic grips of the plug.
  4. Gently detach the touch pad ribbon connected to the motherboard.
  5. Gently assemble the bottom plastic cover, since it will be easy to break the LED transparent plastic parts.

Enjoy your new Mod Controller!


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