What payments that Alibaba support to your country? 


We adopt the third-party-guaranteed payment method, which will make credit card payments more secure and guaranteed. You can complete the payment independently in the following steps, or contact your assistant to assist you.
Note: Please inform your assistant in advance if the credit card payment is more than $5,000, thank you!


How to make a payment with a credit card or PayPal?

Is it safe to pay on Alibaba?


How to make a payment with a credit card or PayPal?


01 Check the amount payable

Step 1. Log in and find the pending order -Click “Pay Order”;

Step 2. Select the credit card payment method with the amount payable -Click the icon “Alibaba”, will get is a payment proposal;


02 Place an order as a payment voucher

Step 3. Enter our Alibaba store -Click the products link proposed with unit price & quantity. Keep free shipping -Click “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”;

Attention: Of course, you can also combine freely, and the credit accepts an error of about 1 dollar. If you can’t keep free shipping, then add shipping costs on Alibaba to make the amount consistent with the amount payable on WESTINGAMES.



According to the Alibaba international website platform mechanism, the platform is required to collect and pay the destination country tax on behalf of the online transaction orders (credit guarantee/e collection orders) when the following conditions are met

Please confirm whether the platform has any additional VAT taxes items before payment, as shown in the figure below.

Our quotation does not include import VAT taxes, so please make up this part by yourself when making payment, thank you.

Attention When the above countries meet the conditions, VAT will be collected by the platform on behalf of them, and the exact amount of collection is determined by the tax rate of each country. If the above countries have already uploaded to provide the voucher or tax number with tax exemption qualification, the platform will not collect it on behalf of them.

EU 28 :Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia

Step 4. Provide shipping address, make sure it matches what you left on WESTINGAMES, and remark the WESTINGAMES order No. as a reconciliation voucher.

Step 5. Select a method for payment -Enter the payment information, card info. for instance -Click “Confirm”;

Step 6. Don’t apply any coupon -Click “Place Order” and pay for it.

Attention: If you select PayPal, then you’ll be directed to the PayPal page to complete your payment – simply sign into your PayPal account and follow the steps to confirm.

You should be directed back to the Alibaba site, where your order will be confirmed.


03 Submit the order number

Step 7. Submit Alibaba order No. to WESTINGAMES in Step 2 -Click “Pay Now”. 



Attention: Alibaba PayPal supports global payment, and the payment fee is 2.99% of the order amount 

Support Currency: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, SGD    Payment limit:12,000USD/Order

Is it safe to pay on Alibaba?

The answer is yes, totally. When you make a payment in Alibaba, the page acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. This system is called “Escrow” and consists of Alibaba retaining your money until you have received the product and given your approval.


Only when this requirement is met, Alibaba pays the seller. This applies to any form of payment you use in Alibaba , so you don’t have to worry, you can use your card safely.



Therefore, you can pay safely with any of the payment methods offered by the site, as everyone uses the Escrow method that protects your money until you confirm that the order has arrived correctly. In addition, at the time of payment, your data is protected by the encryption system VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of commercial protection available so far) so it is impossible for your data to reach third parties.