If you are interested in buying our products, You would like to get the prices for the items you want.

Unlike other websites with fixed price, our products’prices are more flexible. According to the quantity, the pirce will be different. Before the prices available,  2 simple steps need be handled.

  1. You need register in our site to be a member.

In this part, you need complete some important register information, expecially the company name or website, email address, country and your name.


2.  Unlock the account for price available

You can contact your assistant to unlock the account at once;  or await for the unlock within 12 hours.

During this time, we will confirm your registration information. If your registration information is at least 70% and right, your account will be unlocked. Then the price can be seen, which is suitable for the conditon of reaching Minimum Order Quantity.


If you want to get the further detailed prices, Here are two ways:

1) Make and submit the order directly in our website. After about 20 minutes in our working time, the offer with freight will be made for your review.

2) You can contact your assistant on line or by mail to get the detailed prices.