Warranty Compensation Policy

Warranty Objects and Time


In principle, Westingames will warrant all the OEM products for 90 days from the date of your receipt. While original new, pulled, refurbished products will only enjoy the other two schemes: “Re-delivery of small-quantity products in next order” and “Partial compensation“. If the defective rate is higher than 5% or the defective quantity is big, please contact your assistant for a special solution.



In 30 days 
from the day since the date of signing

1. Refund (Partial Compensation)
If you don’t want to send the items back, WT can return you part of the money. For more details please read the policies below the chart. 
2. Return & Replace
(We need to receive the items first) 
1). You can choose delivery together with your next order, and WT will not cover the delivery back to us. 
2). If you want us to arrange the delivery in 3 days, We will send a new one to you without charging any extra fees, but we will not pay for delivery back to us(Usually we choose China Post).  
3. Return & Refund
WT will refund all of the money (without freight) only if receive the returned products. And WT will not be responsible for the delivery back to us either.



In 90 days 
from the day since the date of signing



Refund (Partial Compensation)
Under this situation, WT will not accept Return or Re-delivery. We will only accept the partial compensation shown below the chart.

Note: We reserve the right to explain the terms of the policy.


More Details for “Partial Compensation”: Percentage of compensation for different items

1. OEM product: compensate 20% of the selling price.
2. Original refurbished: compensate 25% of the selling price.
3. Original pulled: compensate 25% of the selling price.
4. Original new: compensate 30% of the selling price.


Here you can see the comparison of “Westingames VS Others” about the compensation, from it you can see the differences directly.

Note: We will not be responsible for the broken items as follows,

1. The products that don’t belong to Westingames.
2. The products are out of the guaranteed period.
3. Broken because of your wrong installation or disassembling without our authorization of us.
4. The instruction brochure, packages, accessories, or the gift of the items lost.
5. The sealing products are opened, and the adhesive tape or seal is broken. (except for the quality issue)


For more information please contact our sales, thank you.

Warranty Confirmation Process


1, Confirmation of the order date:
You are advised to inform us within 30 days after receiving the goods.


2, Analysis of the damage reason:
1): Non-human factors are included in coverage: quality problems or damage in transit.
2): Human factors are excluded from coverage: improper operation, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect, such as physical damage (cracks, scratches, etc.) to the surface of the product.


3, Proof of photos and videos:
All our products will have a strict inspection and test by professional experts before export. Please send us the pictures or videos to show the defect.

Enclosed is our compensation procedure:
→ Contact our sales
→ Submit the related proof (video pictures)
→ Click below to download the after-sale form fill it in and send it to your sales
→ Confirm your application → Done


Download After-sale feedback.xls


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