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The mundane tasks aren’t really mundane, not like they are in real-life. They’re gamified. So when you pick gum, a little power gauge rapidly fills and empties, challenging you to stop it at the optimum moment for the most pulling power. When you take the bins out, something similar happens; when you clean the toilet, something similar. Play permeates everything you do, even washing someone’s underpants. So even though it all looks mundane – and that’s half the charm, I reckon – it’s secretly the same sort of thing as playing the arcade cabinets out the back. Neat!

If you are interested in these, you can start trying now.


That’s why I’m playing Hades for the first time, and I’m having a bloody good time. This is an ultimate “just one more run” game for me, and when I check the clock I’ve spent four hours hacking my way through the Underworld and praying I don’t run into Tisiphone.

The gameplay loop is addictive and there’s so many different combinations of weapons, trinkets and boons that guarantees experimentation with each run. The art style is wonderful and the music is fantastic too.



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